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The nonprofit KiwiSaver plan that's all about you being richer in retirement.

An average of $65,000* more.

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* Please see assumptions here

Simplicity NZ Limited is the issuer of the Simplicity KiwiSaver Scheme.
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KiwiSaver account could cost more than you think

You probably don't realise that over your working life, you could spend more on KiwiSaver fees than on your mobile phone and power bills.

On average it looks like this.


Lifetime Mobile Phone Charges *

* Source. Commerce Commission Annual Telecommunications Monitoring Report 2015. $53 monthly ARPU for business user. Assumes 1% real rise p.a.
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Lifetime Power Bills **

* Source: Powerswitch. Assumes cost for medium Auckland household in 2016 of $1976, divided by household of 3 persons ie. $55 per person per month. Assumes 1% real rise p.a.
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Lifetime KiwiSaver Fees ***

* Average fee from ‘Sorted’ for a Growth KiwiSaver Fund, assuming 45 years saving, $47,000 average lifetime salary, rising at 1% real. PIR of 17.5%, and 6% total contributions.
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We Know.
With fees this high, you could receive a lot less at retirement.

We believe what's yours should stay yours

So we strip out some of the costs others charge, and give all profits back to you.


Low costs and no profit means the rest is yours



shiny offices, advertising and commissions

what it costs




what it costs

* Source: Based on the average KiwiSaver Fund balances of $10,500 as at 31st March 2016, and average total expense ratio of 1.35% for all funds. On a like for like basis, Simplicity’s expense ratio is 0.59%. Simplicity charges the same fee for all funds. Data supplied by Melville Jessup Weaver. Breakdown of costs and profit are Simplicity estimates.

Big difference, yeah?
We agree!

We call it the Simplicity difference


Find out your Simplicity difference.

You are years old and earn $ a year. Your current Kiwisaver balance is $Leave blank if you don’t know, we’ll use the average member balance.YOUR SIMPLICITY DIFFERENCE

Switch to Simplicity and you could have around
589,000 by the time you're 65.

Your Simplicity difference could be 41,000


Calculated by comparing average fees charged for KiwiSaver growth funds vs our growth fund. Assumes growth rate of 6.67%, 6% contributions, PIR of 17.5% and 1% pa salary growth. All calculations are Simplicity estimates. This example is for illustration purposes only, to show the compounding effect of reduced fees. Actual performance will differ, and no particular return can be promised or guaranteed. Investment in a growth fund may not be appropriate and investors should get financial advice. All figures supplied by Melville Jessop Weaver


Yep. Big

On average the Simplicity difference could buy 18,500 coffees for you and friends, 21 flights to London, or 98 years of free power.

* Assumes $4.00 for a coffee, $3000 per flight to London and $660 annual power cost per person.

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